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Contact Us

If you have questions about military commissions, or suggestions or comments about this website, please send an e-mail to the OMC Webmaster.
Mailing Address:
Office of Military Commissions
4800 Mark Center Drive
Suite 11F09-02
Alexandria, VA 22350-2100
Office of Military Commissions - Convening Authority

For media interested in covering the military commissions at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba, please contact the following:

Lieutenant Commander Adam Cole, US Navy
Deputy Public Affairs Director
Office: (571) 372-8934

Ronald E. Flesvig
Public Affairs Director
Office: (571) 372-3713

Contact the Interim Director, Victim Witness Assistance Program, Chuck Zelnis

Mr. Zelnis reports to the Chief Prosecutor and works closely with the prosecution teams and all victims of any assigned military commission cases. This includes the injured and victim family members of U.S. v. KSM et al (9/11), U.S. v. al Nashiri (USS COLE bombing), and U.S. v. Hadi al-Iraqi. Please contact us directly if you would like to attend the proceedings, or to learn more information about our programs. You may reach Mr. Zelnis at, or 703-695-7098 (VA office), or contact Domini (Mac) McDonald, Deputy Director at 703-695-7090. You may reach his staff at
If you would like to speak with the attorneys representing the accused, and not the prosecution, which includes Mr. Zelnis and his staff, you may contact the Defense.
Defense Teams Points of Contact
Victims/Family Members who wish to speak to the defense teams for the 9/11 Cases (US v. KSM, et. al.):
  • For the defense team representing the Accused Hawsawi, please contact Lisa McDermott at (561) 792-7000 or
  • For the defense teams representing the Accused’s’ Mohammad, bin 'Atash, bin al Shibh and al Baluchi please contact Tammy Krause at (540) 656-6842 or Susan Casey at (404) 242-5195.
For the USS Cole Case (U.S. v. al-Nashiri):
For the Nashwan Case (U.S. v. Hadi al Iraqi)
  • For the defense team please contact Brian Ruffin at 703-695-5274.
For all other cases, please contact the Deputy Chief Defense Counsel at 703-695-5274.