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Media Operations

Media Operations Room 2 at McCalla Field Hangar

Military commissions are regularly covered by national and international media outlets. OMC has made special arrangements to accommodate representatives of the media covering proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Media Center
Media representatives who cannot view the proceedings from the courtroom—or who do not wish to—may watch the proceedings from the Media Center. Located near the ELC, the Media Center offers computer and telephone support for media members. The audio and video feeds from both courtrooms are transmitted to the Media Center via a closed circuit television feed and played on large-screen televisions. There is also a tent nearby for television reporting, a briefing room for official press briefings and restrooms.

Media representatives are housed in tents at Camp Justice.
Media Operation Center
Media Operations Room One

Media Operations Room One

Media Operations Center Buildings at McCalla Field Hangar

Media Operations Center Buildings at McCalla Field Hangar

Work Area
Media operation work area

Work area for media members

Media operation work area

Media Operations Room 2

Press Briefing Area
Press briefing area

Press Briefing Room