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The Office of Military Commissions is committed to ensuring that working and berthing facilities are properly maintained aboard Camp Justice, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

To assess the impacts of OMC's efforts in light of the Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center's report, and to better understand what aspects of the Containerized Housing Units (CHUs) need improvement, OMC determined that a comprehensive assessment was warranted. The result was a Facility Condition Assessment Final Recommendation Report.

As a part of the walk-through survey of all 50 CHUs, the Assessment Team surveyed 100% of the CHU’s interior. In addition, the Assessment Team surveyed the exterior of the properties, including the CHU’s exterior, roofs, and decking/sidewalk/pavement and any other improved features.

While the report did not identify any issues that rendered any CHU substandard or uninhabitable, because of the cost of repairs and maintenance when compared to the value of the units and their remaining life expectancy, from a facilities management perspective, it did conclude that they “are in ‘Poor’ overall condition and should be replaced.” (page 5). Given the age of the CHUs age relative to their Expected Useful Life and the conditions at NSGB, this did not come as a complete surprise.

To provide some additional context, the “poor” rating is derived from the Facility Condition Index (FCI). The FCI is “the most common benchmark used to rate the overall condition of a comparing the cost of the deferred maintenance requirements of a building to the corresponding value of the building.” (page 6) The FCI is not a safety or habitability rating. Nonetheless, it clearly demonstrates that we have work to do, and as with the recommendations provided in the recently provided Indoor Air Quality Report, we are moving out on implementation of many of the recommendations.

Update (May 21, 2020)
The Office of Military Commissions conducted a detailed evaluation of the Facilities Condition Assessment Final Recommendation Report, and has identified the funds necessary to address the recommended repairs. Given that the recommendations vary in terms of complexity and resources required, Office of Military Commissions will work with on-island agencies to assess what repairs can be made with local entities (government or contract) and which will require obtaining off-island solutions via contract.