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Faiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari

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Faiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari
Faiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari (Kuwaiti)
Al Kandari has been charged with providing material support for terrorism and conspiracy for allegedly providing training at an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and giving advice and assistance to Usama bin Laden. This case has not been referred to a military commission.
The Office of Military Commissions is committed to the goal of transparency. Please be advised that some posted materials may be redacted in part or in whole through a review conducted by the DoD Security Classification/Declassification Review Team and any relevant non-DoD federal departments or agencies to prevent the release of classified and/or protected information in accordance with Chapters 17 and 19, Regulation for Trial by Military Commission.

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Dismissal of Sworn Charges Dated 10/21/2008 and 12/3/2008 Without Prejudice 06/29/2012 NA
Sworn Charges (Additional) Dated 12/3/2008 12/03/2008 NA
Sworn Charges Dated 10/21/2008 10/21/2008 NA

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