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9/11: Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al. (2)

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9/11: Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al. (2)
Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarek Bin 'Attash, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, and Mustafa Ahmed Adam al Hawsawi are charged jointly, in connection with their alleged roles in the September 11, 2001, attacks against the United States. They are charged with committing the following eight offenses: conspiracy; attacking civilians; attacking civilian objects; intentionally causing serious bodily injury; murder in violation of the law of war; destruction of property in violation of the law of war; hijacking or hazarding a vessel or aircraft; and terrorism.

A charge is merely an accusation; an accused is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
The Office of Military Commissions is committed to the goal of transparency. Please be advised that some posted materials may be redacted in part or in whole through a review conducted by the DoD Security Classification/Declassification Review Team and any relevant non-DoD federal departments or agencies to prevent the release of classified and/or protected information in accordance with Chapters 17 and 19, Regulation for Trial by Military Commission.

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Supplement to Third Amended Protective order #1 - To Protect Against Disclosure of National Security Information 02/21/2017 AE013BBBB (SUP)
Government Response To Mr. Mohammad's Motion for Appropriate Relief (Trial Conduct Order in AE 425 Series) 02/21/2017 AE425V (GOV)
Supplement to Third Supplemental Ruling - Government Motion To Protect Against Disclosure of National Security Information 02/21/2017 AE013AAAA (Sup)
Mr. Mohammad's Reply to Government's Response to Mr. Mohammad's Motion To Compel Notice of Government Intention to Rely on 404(b) Evidence 02/21/2017 AE481B (KSM)
Ruling - Mr. al Baluchi's Motion for Leave To File a Supplemental Filing to AE195 Defense Motion to Compel Production of Communications Between Government and Filmmakers of Zero Dark Thirty 02/17/2017 AE195-8 (RUL)(AAA)
Defense Motion for Extension of Time to File a Response to Government Motion for Reconsideration of AE 308PPP 02/17/2017 AE308-5 (WBA)
Ruling - Motions in AE484 Series 02/17/2017 AE484F
Ruling - Government Motion For Extension of Time to Provide Ordered Discovery in Accordance With AE425T (KSM, AAA), Ruling, Motion to Compel Discovery or in the Alternative to Abate and Dismiss 02/17/2017 AE425-12 (RUL)(GOV)
Notice of Receipt of Letter Sent To The Commission 02/16/2017 AE388B
Defense Reply to Government Response to Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction due to the Absence of Hostilities 02/16/2017 AE488B (MAH)

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